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Monday, June 20, 2011

You've Never Had It So Random {We're Moving When!? Edition}

Manga Dork was in the play "A Shotgun Wedding" this weekend. See her there standing in the old pants, boots, and man's shirt. Her character was hilarious! Wild Child would not quit poking her head into the shot...little rat.

I cleaned up a corner full of overflow stuff from my organization for the yard sale and move. While cleaning this one corner we destroyed the entire rest of the house. At least the corner is clean and now filled with several boxes packed and ready to go.

We visited FIL yesterday. He is out of ICU. Because of the medicines and infection and such he is hallucinating. He got really aggravated cause he said someone broke his bag that is collecting his pee and it was all over the floor. He got really aggravated when the nurse left without cleaning it up. He said "this is the nastiest place ever." heehee He got mad at MIL earlier in the day because she couldn't see all the little bugs in the air. I was dying to sit down next to him and say "Ew...what did I step in!" OR start swatting at the gnats. I behaved. I love him so much.

And for the biggest most stressfullest craziest most impossibleness of randomosity E.V.E.R. {Yes, I know most of those aren't even real words}....

My FIL can only come home if he has a walk in shower, open floor plan, handrails, etc. So since they are supposed to moving in my current home in 5 weeks and it has all the above...I HAVE TO MOVE IN 2 WEEKS! And I think 2 weeks is being generous. He will be home at the beginning of next week I bet. I don't get the keys to my new home until the end of this week. I wanted to clean, hire it all painted, organize all this stuff BEFORE I moved. I am so freaked out!

I need some FUN.
Happy Monday!


tammy said...

I'm glad he's out of the ICU. That is good news!

Having to move that quickly will be hard, but you can do it. Have you found painters yet? Maybe they can work some fast miracles for you.

Scrappy Girl said...

We have a painter coming Friday to check it all out!

Garden of Egan said...

Wow!!!! You do have your plate full. I don't know how you'll get it done, but you are wonder amazing woman.

I'm glad that FIL is out of ICU. Such a relief.

I wish I were a neighbor, I'd come and help you!

M-Cat said...

Out of ICU is excellent! And if anyone can pull it together to move, you can! If I were there I would help you!

Creative Mish said...

Oh my! You've got a full plate! I would be freaking out!!

Sue said...

You can do hard!!

glad to hear your FIL is doing better. Not fun is it?

Brooke Higgins said...

Just look at the little girl on the right side. She looks cute. meet and greet luton airport